Why use Care Afloat ?

We try to fully understand the experiences that our young people have had. Such as multiple rejections, placement breakdowns, exclusions, or significant abuse. We never give up on these children. Our staff know how to gain their trust and build the attachment and relationships required to help them to move forward positively with their lives.


We are ambitious for the children in our care and are committed to supporting them through the tough times, whilst also recognising and celebrating their achievements. We are also realistic about the progress our children make and plan their care to make incremental steps toward better days and better lives. Partnership is key to achieve these goals and we liaise with a wide range of agencies and organisations.


We take a holistic approach in the care of our young people involving them in the making, implementation and review of placement plans to ensure personalised care, aimed at achieving the best possible outcome.


It is not our job to control our young people. It is our mission to walk them through a crisis period in their lives, to teach them that their behaviour has consequences, good and bad, and show them the benefits of choosing behaviour that affects themselves and others in a positive way.


Many young people come through our doors with a limited tool kit for life. We want them to leave us (however long they stay, months or years), with the ability to look after themselves, make informed decisions and function within society.

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