Our Therapeutic Model: SPIRAL

We have a very simple aim: We want to create the best possible therapeutic environment and deliver the most effective therapeutic support to vulnerable, damaged, distressed children and young adults living in residential therapeutic placements. We work in partnership with care providers, delivering evidence based psychotherapies within a holistic therapeutic framework.

SPIRAL is a way of working with young people in care to promote:

  • Safety both environmentally and emotionally
  • Positive relationships through which so much therapeutic change is achieved
  • Independence – a pathway to a functional adult life
  • Resilience to overcome trauma and other adverse experiences and to thrive
  • Aspirations and Achievements to promote confidence and optimism about the future
  • Life Skills needed for emotional and behavioural regulation, effective communication, successful interpersonal relationships, problem solving abilities and fulfilment of potential

Aspire offer Care Afloat 2 levels of services: Basic and Enhanced.

In both levels of service, we are provided with:

  • An embedded ‘therapeutic model of care’ within Care Afloat via training, ongoing staff development and consultation.
  • Contribution to the assessment of Young People referred to Care Afloat to ensure their suitability for a placement and to clarify the therapeutic package that needs to be put in place. Aspire therapists endeavour to meet and greet Young People within the first 10 days of admission however it is recognised that some Young People may benefit from an agreed, slower and more extensive introduction period.
  • Availability for planned therapy appointments and meetings across the services
  • The offer of weekly therapy sessions to all young people within Care Afloat (at an agreed location) however if a Young Person refuses individual therapy sessions, then other therapeutic interventions (such as staff consultation meetings, guidance on structuring the environment to achieve therapeutic aims, family work etc) are agreed in lieu of face to face sessions
  • Are available to attend 6 monthly LAC Reviews with adequate notice prior to of these meetings.
  • Attendance at monthly team meetings
  • Skilled debriefing after serious incidents
  • Written summaries monthly for each Young Person within Care Afloat. More detailed updates to the initial assessment are printed as needed and on discharge.
  • Direct and indirect therapeutic services for each child. This includes an initial therapy needs assessment and report, face to face sessions, structuring the environment, consultation to staff teams and contributing to structure and content of key-worker sessions.
  • Contribution to care planning and risk management plans
  • Liaison via phone/reports with the wider system so that we are offering a seamless, wraparound approach.

Aspire ENHANCED services

The Enhanced Service costs an additional £100 per week (2022).

The enhanced provision is recommended where there are a number of agencies involved and/or there are issues with the family’s response to placement plans, staff or contact.

Under this agreement Aspire will offer the services outlined below and will ALSO

  • Attend key meetings and reviews to help inform the wider network and contribute to a consistent multi-agency response
  • Liaise with families and offer family support interventions to help families understand and support the placement aims.
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