Professional feedback; Operational Manager

Care Afloat have in our opinion a good insight into working Therapeutically with young people and work effectively in regard to positive interventions with young people.  Whilst strategy, LAC meeting etc are all in the role and effectively managed Care Afloat, in my professional opinion they excelled in their direct work with our young person and their family, always with a restorative sense that keeps a focus on meeting the needs of the young person.

Our young person was previously considered to require a ‘secure intervention’ as the risks she was displaying where extreme on the child sexual exploitation side of risks. In fairness the Psychiatric report and suggested intervention that we had made was central to her plan of care and it has not been easy, however with a resolute plan and focused tasks she is in a much better place today and has flourished in the placement.

This is even more significant as she has moved from the crisis intervention aspect to a more Independent skills focus where she fully engages with her Pathway plan and has invested time into her educational, health and independent pathway, this has enabled a colleague, myself and Care Afloat to support and continue the long term work with parents who have by and large supported the placement throughout.

At present our young person appears to be progressing in every aspect of her development and is significantly remembering the lessons, not the disappointments from her past and is showing very encouraging signs. I am impressed with how Care Afloat work with her.

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