Vocational Placements

Vocational Experience

For many years Learn 4 Life school has worked productively with a variety of vocational placements.  This liaison has the benefit of pupils gaining skills and knowledge in practical areas which can be transferred to career opportunities. The long associations and close working practices, overseen by our dedicated coordinator ensures a bespoke learning package, in a safe, nurturing environment.

On arrival at school our pupils are often disaffected with education and being able to offer these opportunities gives them a different perspective and links into their interests and talents. The placements provide a range of experiences, including Hair and Beauty; Car Mechanics; Music Production; Building Industry; Fishing; Woodworking; Land Based learning and Sport. Being practical based subjects, they provide an appeal to our pupils who have often found more academic studies a struggle.

It gives an instant hook to encourage pupils to attend and provide a relevance to their learning and for moving into the world of work such a vital aspect in all young people’s lives. The learning is recorded in their portfolios and endorsed by nationally recognised qualifications, and these provide a basis for moving onto further education.

Pupil development in the wider world

This interest feeds their motivation, to direct their path for future employment and gives them goals and focus their minds and attitudes.

As they thrive and recognise their success, it directly impacts on their self- worth and self-esteem. It is a fantastic reward seeing pupils proudly show their achievements eg changing a tyre; winning the fishing competition; new hair styles.

Importantly, they provide an alternative social experience from school, promoting the learning of social skills and teamwork, with support of the tutors and Key Teachers. This is vital in pupil development and progress into the wider world.

Experiencing these provisions links closely to the School’s Career Guidance program and Gatsby Benchmarks:

  • Learning about the careers associated with the placement, in a way which they can identify
  • Links between the career and the wider curriculum, particularly literacy, numeracy and personal development,
  • Experiences in the workplace
  • Required qualifications to pursue the career and provide motivation to achieve

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