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Away from the constraints of the traditional classroom, our floating classroom, Charmaine, provides a completely different experience for our learners. The wonderful, everchanging scenery of the canals and locks is far from the usual classroom environment. Education on Charmaine comes in many different forms whilst allowing our learners to access important parts of the curriculum. Not only does it enhance our learner’s academic success, it also increases self-awareness, confidence, self-belief, attention and resilience to name but a few.

Lessons are imaginative, collaborative and outside the box, to allow every learner the opportunity to thrive. Our narrowboat provides a nurturing environment with opportunities to showcase the learner’s skills and they can blossom in areas that they may not have previously identified. Developing these skills and knowledge helps them grow and the real-life experiences are invaluable when moving onto the world of work.

This reflects Learn4Life’s vision of a holistic approach to education. It is a perfect nurturing environment for pupils to settle and engage in learning and promote independence.


First hand experience of map reading; weather; understanding demographics; physical geography and how it changes; effects of climate change.


Being part of the past and the building of canals; life on the canals and how it has changed; Industrial revolution; transport; access to historical sites.


Using the canal environment to build stamina for physical  tasks such as working the locks and also walking or jogging. Enjoying alternative sporting pursuits like fishing  to feel more relaxed and more understanding of nature.

Personal Development

Important life skill lessons on working together safely with a team; making healthy meals; planning activities and trips; budgeting; developing confidence and self-worth and trying something new.


Opportunities to forge positive relationships with our pupils in an ideal environment to promote wellbeing and mental health.
The calm tranquil  surroundings help pupils to focus on the discussions and themes in PSHE, mindfulness and wellbeing sessions while reducing anxiety and developing self worth.


Opportunities to tap into a creative curriculum and use the many varied stimuli to feed into variety of disciplines (drawing; painting; modelling).


Relaxed way to enjoy reading; new experiences to stimulate creative writing; poetry all linked to developing conversation and social skills.


Many new ways to link to real world situations to reinforce usefulness of maths, distance; speed; measuring; shape; costing; data collection; problem solving.


Learning about the environment; ecology; identification of plants and animals; energy; forces; Solar System; sustainability, at such a critical time for the World where the effects of climate change are looming large.

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