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He has been able to slowly build positive relationships with adults around him, which he did not have before. Although still heavily monitored and supported, he is being able to enjoy and experience activities and experiences in life which other young people his age would be, and enjoying these, which he did not have the opportunity or ability to do before.

Despite disliking education, it is positive that he does go and engages in some of his learning, as opposed to not accessing school and spending all his time with the gang, which would likely have been the case if he had not been supported in the way he has by Care Afloat. In terms of his basic needs, the fact he is alive, healthy and using his time constructively it a real achievement compared to how things could have been for him now, if he had stayed at home or if he had been placed in the wrong placement, which had not worked for him and he had not engaged with so well.

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